Absolutely NO alcohol or drug use will be tolerated. A person suspected of drinking or using drugs will be subject to a urine drug screen, and will be immediately evicted from the house if the test is positive for alcohol or drug use.

No Co-signing: Do NOT cover up suspected drinking or drug usage. If a fellow house member relapses it threatens everyone’s sobriety. Failure of a house member to report suspected drinking or drug use of a house member may result in that member and/or the entire house being evicted.

Curfew: First Week curfew is 9:30 P.M. Sunday thru Thursday at 11:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday at 12 midnight.

Absolutely NO OVERNIGHT visitors will be permitted.

Visitor hours: Monday thru Friday from 12pm until 9pm. Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 9pm. Note – no visitors allowed during the weekly House Meeting. Visitors ONLY allowed in the common house areas, being the living room; dining room; kitchen; and front/back porches.

Chores will be assigned on a rotating basis. A $10.00 fine will be issued for any uncompleted chore. NOTE: There will be a mandatory, deep clean of the house per week, with a monthly inspection.

A MANDATORY weekly HOUSE MEETING will be held to discuss house business. The day and time of the weekly Meeting will be decided upon by all residents.

House members must pay their weekly amount of “shared expenses” each week at the House Meeting. The amount of the “shared expenses” will be determined by the house members based upon the house’s needs.

Weekly rent is $120.00. Rent is payable a week inadvance. If the weekly rent is not paid on time for the upcoming week, a $5.00, per day, late fee will apply. If the entire rent amount plus all applicable late fees are not paid within 7 days, the tenant will be evicted and they will forfeit their last month deposit.

Storage space is limited, so only bring the minimum amount of clothing and personal items that can be kept in your room. No storage of personal items in the basement or common areas of the house.

DRUG COURT and/or PROBATION/PAROLE RULES ALWAYS TAKE PRIORITY!! If any of our rules conflict with DC or P&P please follow their rules.

These House Rules may be amended from time to time.

The Owners, or their designees, shall be entitled to access the House at all reasonable times, and whenever required for emergencies.

Do not remove “house” property from the House.

The Owners are not responsible for your personal property, and recommend you obtain renter’s insurance.

Smoking is not permitted inside the house. Smoking is permitted on the property outside but please dispose of your butts in a dispenser.

No pets are allowed.

Each person is responsible for the cleanliness of their room.

All residents must attend 5 weekly AA or NA meetings.

New residents are required to remain at the house (no overnights) for the first 7 nights of their residency. Thereafter, residents may have a maximum of 2 overnights away from the house each week (provided allowed by P&P or DC or GLC). Owners reserve the right to verify this with P&P or DC. Overnights away from the house must be preapproved by the house manager.

If a resident will be out past curfew due to job responsibilities or an emergency situation the house manager must be notified immediately.

Clean the dryer vent before and after each use.

Report any repairs or problems immediately to the house manager.

Residents are required to provide a minimum of 7 days advance notice of their intended move out date. Rent is not prorated.

Any personal property left behind by a resident will only be held for 3 days; after 3 days the property shall belong to the owners, and they may sell or throwaway any such property.

All residents are subject to random drug testing.

No lending or borrowing of money with other residents.

Violence, expressed or implied, yelling, verbal threats or physical acting out will not be tolerated.

Gambling of any form is not permitted while residing at Stepping Stones Sober Living.

No performance enhancing supplements of any kind (prescribed or over the counter) are permitted at Stepping Stones Sober Living.

Sexual relations with anyone on Stepping Stones property will not be tolerated. No pornography, including magazines is allowed.

Repairing your vehicle on Stepping Stones property or on neighborhood streets is not allowed.

Mandatory weekly case management is required by all Stepping Stones residents.

Do not eat food that does not belong to you.

While residing at Stepping Stones Sober Living the following are off limits: bars, strip clubs, gun shops, shooting range.

No firearms of weapons are allowed on Stepping Stones property.

Doors used to enter or exit the house are to be locked at all times.

Any prescription medication is to be in a personal lock box that only you have access to the key or combination.

The owners or their designees are entitled to do random property searches.

Absolutely no food outside of kitchen or dining area.